Waterproof Jacket, Clothing and Equipment Aftercare

Montane waterproofs are built to shelter you from the harshest conditions. Even though they’ve been engineered from highly protective and trusted technology, wear and tear in the outdoors can take its toll and there comes a time when your favourite waterproof will need some TLC to restore it to its former glory.

Firstly, DWR (Durable Water Repellant) is essential to maintaining your waterproof’s optimum performance and not only allows your jacket to bead up and keep you dry, it will breathe better for longer in challenging conditions. Ultimately, taking the correct care of your waterproof will not only keep you comfortable and dry on the move, it also keeps it in action for longer, so you can enjoy many more years of adventures together!

So, how do you wash a waterproof and reapply DWR? We know for many this can seem like a challenge in itself! The good news is washing a waterproof is very simple and we’re on hand to help you follow the right steps. Importantly, we provide care labels on all of our clothing and equipment and recommend you refer to these ahead of your first wash.

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Step - by - Step Guide.

Step - by - Step Guide.

1. Check the care label
First things first, all Montane clothing and equipment comes with instructions on the care labels. Take a look at these and follow this advice.

2. Release all drawcords
It’s now time to prepare your waterproof jacket for washing to prevent any damage. Start by releasing all the drawcords on the jacket.

3. Close all zips
Make sure to remove any items from your pockets and close up all open zips on the jacket and any velcro, including the centre front zipper and hand pockets.

4. Run a service wash cycle
Before your waterproof wash, we recommend running a service cycle (or rinse cycle) on the washing machine you will be using to remove any excess detergent or softeners that could damage your jacket.

5. Use a reputable technical product wash that’s suitable for waterproofs
We recommend using a reputable technical product wash such as Grangers Performance Wash, Nikwax Tech Wash, Fibertec Pro Wash or Storm Clothing Wash. Alternatively you could also use a non-biological liquid. Don’t use any softeners!

6. Place clothing in with a technical product wash that's suitable for waterproofs
We recommend washing your waterproof garments on their own, without any other items in the drum on this cycle.

7. Wash to care label instructions with an additional rinse cycle.
Typically waterproofs are washed on a low heat (around 30-40 degrees) on a gentle cycle. Following the wash, run an additional rinse cycle to remove any excess detergent from the garment. This is important to stop your jacket from developing any foamy armpits post-wash!

8. Spray with DWR reproofer if your jacket is no longer beading
Have you noticed your jacket is no longer performing how it used to? Whilst the jacket is still damp, use a reputable technical spray, such as Grangers Performance Repel, Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On, Storm Proofer, Storm Eco Proofer, Fibertec Guard Proof or Fibertec Guard Eco and only to the outer side of the garment. You can apply more to higher-wear areas, such as the shoulders of a jacket, where a backpack would sit and rub.

9. Tumble dry on a low heat until dry to reactivate the DWR
Line dry, then tumble dry for 20 minutes on low heat to reactivate the DWR (not all DWR reproofers require heat, please check the instructions on the bottle).



My collar is wetting out, can it be replaced under warranty?

Over the years, we’ve had lots of waterproof jacket collar queries from the Montane community. The collars of jackets, and the inside of your jacket in general, are a common place for contamination, owing to it being a high-contact area next to the skin. Sweat and oils such as sunscreens can cause contamination here and stop it from working at its optimum. To help resolve this issue, we recommend washing your waterproof jacket when necessary, following the care instructions provided. If you still experience issues, please contact us for next steps.

Can I put my waterproof in the tumble drier?

We always recommend checking the DWR reproofer instructions first. If this indicates you need to tumble dry your garment, this is an important next step to establish an effective treatment as part of waterproof aftercare. When tumble drying make sure this is on a low heat and done in intervals of 20 minutes.