Versatile layers for changing seasons

No matter what the season, a layering system is essential to help you explore the great outdoors comfortably. Understanding how these versatile layers work and when to ‘layer up’ will help you stay dry and protected on the move, so you can go further, faster.

At Montane we have a wide variety of base layers and mid-layers which are amongst some of the most popular items in our range. That’s why this season we’ve introduced several new colours and styles to the Dart and Protium collections, giving you plenty to choose from…

The base layer.

The layer next to your skin needs to be highly breathable, in order to help manage moisture and draw this away from your body as you move (a process called wicking).

Cue our Dart range, which combines soft, lightweight fabrics, with breathable our-managing technology. Even better? Recycled fabrics.

The mid-layer.

Next up we have the mid-layer, which acts as an extension of your base layer. Just like the base layer, the mid-layer also needs to effectively manage moisture, as well as provide essential insulation to keep you warm and comfortable on the move!

The ever-popular Protium fleece range comes in a variety of styles, with a new casual-fit sweater added for 2022. These can also be an excellent outer layer in the spring/ summer months…making them the ultimate layering piece, every adventurer needs.

The outer layer.
Be ready.

The outer layer.

The final layer of the layering system is your protective barrier against the elements. Whilst it should block moisture entering, it still needs to be breathable to help the moisture you’ve been generating leave your layering system.

The right outer layer depends on the weather conditions, with a durable waterproof jacket essential when the chance of heavy rain is high. Alternatively, a water resistant softshell jacket may be better, if there’s only a risk of light showers through the day.

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