At Montane, less is more. It’s a mindset and a practice. The design and development of every piece of technical kit and equipment has been carefully considered. From fabric to stitch. The result?

Kit you can count on to be everything you need and not a gram less!

This ethos of minimalism is intended to maximise and enhance your experience of the outdoors, regardless of your goal or ambition. Less complexity. Less fuss. By developing our kit in this way, we allow you to focus on what matters. So you can hear yourself think.

Your chance to get out in the great outdoors this season and feel free on the trail…

All you need is less.

Unlock your next hiking adventure with durable lightweight kit on the trail.

Explore technical kit that allows for unrestricted movement on a climb.

With an emphasis of moving fast and light discover lightweight minimalist kit that supports you on the ascent.

Design and Development

Design and Development

“Simplicity is not just a Montane mindset on the move, it’s a philosophy instilled across our range of kit. This impacts our fabric choice, aesthetics, features and colour. Ultimately we design and develop kit that provides exactly what you need to suit your intended use.”

- Matt Kemp, Design Director

all you need is less

all you need is less

We have a longing for less.
Less complexity.
Less fuss. To focus on what matters.
To hear ourselves think.
To feel free.
We all find it in the same place: the outdoors.
At Montane, less is more is more than a mindset.
It’s a practice.
Every fabric considered.
Every stitch significant.
Kit you can count on to be everything you need.
Not a gram more.
Not a gram less.
All you need is less.