all you need is less

With an emphasis of moving fast and light discover lightweight minimalist kit that supports you on the ascent. Discover Dent De Burgin in the French Alps perfect for jagged ridgelines and soaring vistas on a fastpacking adventure.

Location: Dent De Burgin, France

45°23’3.61” N 6°36’35.88” E

For fast packers seeking a quintessential alpine playground - you can’t go far wrong in this corner of the French Alps. Dizzying angular peaks envelop a lush, undulating valley floor of alpine meadows and glacial streams. It affords easy access to jagged ridgelines and soaring vistas.

Fastpacking is all about sustainable movement. It is as much a philosophy as it is a technical system. It favours versatile, lightweight and packable kit with an emphasis on moving fast and light when time is short and the distance long. Run where you can, fast hike when you need to. Your kit must be refined, versatile and minimalist.

All you need is less.
Fastpacking the French Alps

Fastpacking the French Alps

As Jess and Rich discovered, this area is an environment of untapped opportunity for fastpacking, where distance can be traded for the ascent, resulting in days of effort and variety.

Unlock your next hiking adventure with durable lightweight and breathable kit for long days on the trail.

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