all you need is less

Unlock your next hiking adventure with durable lightweight and breathable kit for long days on the trail. Discover contrasting terrains and undulating paths that embrace the Courchevel valley.

Location: Courchevel, France

45°25’11.33” N 6°40’34.12” E

A world of contrast awaits in the Courchevel Valley from gentle village walks to more challenging hiking trails. Rugged peaks are dusted in snow even in the height of summer and loom over the mat of the valley floor. Wild pine forests and alpine meadows, divided by glacial streams and moss-strewn paths, undulating in a rhythm that gently unburdens you of modern life.

Hiking this unique landscape offers a primal way of moving, and an honest way of living. Your home on your back, the textured ground under your feet, with only your desire to see and feel between you and the horizon.

To hike here and unlock the adventure the French Alps is home to, requires kit you can depend on. Lightweight and packable not to burden your pack. Durable enough to provide layers of warmth and weather protection for those long days on the trail.

All you need is less.
Hiking the French Alps

Hiking the French Alps

Jess and Rich spent a couple of days exploring Courchevel Valley. Taking kit they could depend on including a lightweight waterproof jacket, and a trusted fleece for those long days on the trail embracing self-sufficiency and a conscious desire to move for the sake of experience.

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