Gear up for a pedal-powered adventure

This season, as part of our Made for More campaign, we’re pushing the boundaries of what Montane kit is capable of. Just like hiking, running or climbing, adventuring by bike offers a great way to immerse yourself fully in nature and explore even more of the great outdoors.

Bikepacking is an increasingly popular option for eager cyclists! This more adventurous pedal-powered experience offers boundless escapism. The key to successful bikepacking missions is to carry less and only take exactly what you need. Cue our versatile Spring/ Summer kit collection, made for versatile adventures…
A breakdown of bikepacking.

A breakdown of bikepacking.

Just like the more well-known bicycle touring, bikepacking involves a multi-day journey by bike. The difference is that bikepacking takes place on a mix of off-road trails, carrying only the essential gear you need.

Carry less. Go further.

Carry less. Go further.

The rewards that await the effort are what keep riders coming back for more. The chance to get further off the beaten track. To experience familiar landscapes at a new pace. An opportunity to feel truly free and unencumbered by the everyday.

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Made For More

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