What repairs do you offer through the Montane Repair Service?

We offer repair services for Waterproof Jackets, Down Jackets, Synthetic Insulation, Packs and Trousers. The full list of repairs available can be found on our Montane Repair Service page.

I'm unsure if my repair is covered by your services, can I get a quote for my repair?

If you're unsure if your repair is covered by our repair service, or you think your repair is a complicated one, you can use our quote form to get a quote. Simply fill in the form, upload some photos and we will come back to you with whether or not the repair is possible and how much it will cost. You can build a quote starting from this page.

Do you repair products from brands other than Montane?  

Our repair service only covers the repair of Montane products.

What condition does my item need to be in to send it in for repair?

Please ensure your item is in a clean and washed condition, ready to be handled and repaired by our team. Please also ensure pockets have been emptied. Dirty or soiled products will be sent back to you without the repair being completed. 

How long do repairs take to complete?

We outline the estimated times to complete a repair on our Montane Repair Service page. Please allow for additional time for us to receive your item back for repair and for us to send the item back to you once repaired.

I live outside of the UK, can you repair my product?

Currently the repair service is open to UK customers only.

Do you repair zips?

We do not repair broken or damaged zips. We can repair zip sliders (the part of the zip you pull up and down to open and close the zip), however we cannot repair the zip itself.

What is a Zip Slider repair?

We are able to repair the slider of a zip if it is broken. To repair a zip slider the zip itself needs to be in good condition. We are unable to repair a zip slider if the zip has any broken teeth.

Do you colour match the repairs?

If you are sending your item back for a cord replacement, panel replacement or to have a tear repaired, we will try our best to match colours to your existing products. We keep a stock of many fabrics, however we cannot keep every colour and so on older Montane products we might not have the exact colour available. In these instances we will contact you with what we are able to do, to make sure you are happy before we proceed with the repair.

How do I pay for my repair?

For standard repairs, you can place your repair order through our Montane Repair Service page and following the instructions through to the checkout. If you have requested a quote we will follow up with how to pay for your repair.

How do I send my item to you to get repaired?

When you have paid for your repair, you will have an order reference number (beginning with '#'). Please address your parcel to REPAIRS TEAM including your order reference number, followed by our repair address. For example:

3 Freeman Court
North Seaton Ind Estate
NE63 0YF

Items that do not include a reference number can not be repaired and may be returned.

It is your responsibility to return the item, please ensure you obtain proof of delivery and use a service which covers the cost of the item should it get lost in transit.

What happens if I send something to you that can't be repaired?

If we receive an item that we are unable to be repaired, we will contact you explaining the situation. If we receive an item back and the repair cost is going to be much higher than what you have paid, we will also contact you to discuss next steps.