Introducing Tom

Tom has been running ultra distances for a number of years. Tom first made his presence felt in 2013, when he took first place at the 10 Peaks Lakes (long course), and has since won iconic races such as the Montane Spine Race, and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Ultra.

Paradoxically, Tom thinks of himself as someone who rarely trains, but runs a lot. He has an exploratory approach to running, both of his environment and internal barriers, and will often stop in the middle of a run to admire a view. He likes to run with his partner, his dogs, his friends, but also alone and the longer he is out the more immersed he becomes. Most often found crushing the trails around his home in West Yorkshire, Tom doesn't compete as much as others in his class. However, when he does a strange inner beast is awoken, which pushes him hard to compete.
He'll still be smiling, though.
Key Achievements

Key Achievements

2024: 2nd Place Winter Spine Challenger North

10th Swiss Peaks 360 | Barkley Marathons, 26 pages although a nasty guy with a beard told me this was still only 1 loop.

: 4 FKTs in one run! Broke the double and triple everesting records. Set new distances of quad everesting and completed the only known vertical marathon (26.2 miles of ascent doing hill repeats). My very own backyard ultra! | It'll be grand round (back to back rankin and wicklow rounds)

2020: FKT Dales Mountains 30 (all the mountains in the Yorkshire Dales)

2019: 14th in the Dragon's Back Race

2018: 6th Cheviot Goat Race | Unsupported double Bob Graham Round

2017: 1st Place Spine Race

2016: 1st Place Spine Challenger Race | Yorkshire 3 peaks ultra 1st and course record

“"I like to push my boundaries and to always be looking for something new. I enjoy reaching those limits. When I run I smile. It's pretty common to hear me whooping for joy when I am out and about. Usually when I see a snow storm coming or the wind is trying to suck all the air out of my cheeks."

''I want to know what limits I am capable of. The longer I go and the more technical the ground the bigger the smile.'' - Tom

Designed and Tested With Our Athletes

Designed and Tested With Our Athletes

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